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Ventura County Celiacs

Welcome to your Gluten Free support site. Ventura County Celiacs was a support group started by two sisters in 1996 when they discovered they had celiac disease and there was no one to help them closer than Los Angeles. It started with just three people in Simi Valley and is now helping celiacs from Santa Clarita to Santa Barbara.
We will not try to duplicate all the information out there on celiac disease. But we will show you the ropes and give you information relevant to our area. We are careful to check all information to be sure it is medically sound and not a "gluten myth." Check back often for our meeting times, product updates, new information, and recipes. Come see us at one of our support meetings.
This web site has been designed to be a general information resource. It is not intended for use in diagnosis, treatment, or any other medical application. Please contact your medical professional for medical advice regarding your situation. This information is not warranted and no liability is assumed by the author or any group for the recommendations, information, dietary suggestions, menus, or recipes. Products mentioned or omitted do not constitute endorsement. Please verify the gluten free status of products often for your own protection.
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